Is my camera worth repairing?
Yes, if you appreciate your camera and enjoy taking pictures, it is worth repairing. In most cases it is more cost-effective to repair your camera than to replace it with a new one.

Does Camera Repair Canada repair all cameras regardless of Make & Model?
We can repair most makes and models of cameras. We have many original manufacturer parts in our inventory, though if any have been discontinued we may not be able to repair certain models.

Does C.R.C. guarantee the repairs performed?
All repairs are guaranteed to be free from defects under normal use. Our obligation is to rework (same defect) provided that the equipment is returned with a copy of the original invoice and a letter or work order with a detailed defect description, transportation prepaid. We are not responsible for any expense, loss or inconvenience. Any guarantee is voided on any item or parts that have been tampered with by unauthorized persons, misused, neglected or damaged.

Should I send my lens with a camera body repair?
Send us only the items that require repairing. If it is a camera body repair, do not ship the case, lens and strap. Nonetheless, send the lens with the body if you think it is part of the problem.

What should I send with my digital equipment?
For camcorders, digital video cameras or digital cameras, please send the power supply and batteries (with charger). As you would expect there are many various types of batteries, each produced for a limited range of use. Failure to supply the above items may further delay the repair(s).

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